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After three years of gathering weekly for prayer at local restaurants and coffee houses, a group of business owners and friends had the firm conviction to provide a prayer room for the community. They were seeking:

    – a common place, specifically dedicated for round-the-clock prayer and Christian gatherings.
    – a place where anyone could come at any time to request prayer for their needs, to personally come for quiet prayer, or to be a prayer warrior for others.
    – a place where all could further achieve intimacy with God in their desire to see God bring forth change in our society.

This vision came to life and our doors opened in January of 2010.


Our mission is to support individuals, churches, businesses, and organizations by way of prayer, encouragement, and fellowship, regardless of race, age, gender, or culture, as based on the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Through prayer, we want to reflect unity in the body of Christ, and in doing so, effectively demonstrate the lordship of Christ in the earth, reflecting what is said in Isaiah 56:7 & Romans 8:26-31, and fulfilling the vision of Isaiah 61.


Colleyville Prayer Room is a place where individuals can come to be ministered to and prayed over. We adhere to biblical principles and the leading of the Holy Spirit, believing that prayer is a two-way conversation with a Holy God. The Prayer Room is built on:

    – helping individuals develop intimacy with God through prayer and the study of the Word of God, and
    – sending new believers to the local churches for further discipleship.

The Prayer Room offers opportunities to participate in corporate intercessory prayer and prayer meetings with various groups. There are also rooms available to groups and individuals who are in search of a place of privacy to read the Bible or simply to spend some quiet time with God.

The Prayer Room offers biblical encouragement to people facing crises or difficulties in their lives. The Bible, the Word of God, is the basis for our scriptural encouragement because it provides principles for overcoming the challenges that individuals confront. Individual prayer requests can be made, either through filling out a prayer request card, or by visiting the prayer room during the hours of operation.

Some of our current leaders are Licensed and Ordained Ministers.

    Colleyville Prayer Room does not represent or advertise the leadership team as physicians in medicine or counselors in psychology. The leadership team offers Biblical Word encouragement with the desire to help individuals reach the promises established in the Bible and confirmed by Jesus Christ’s sacrificial death, burial, and resurrection. Those individuals needing professional help can be referred to Christian professionals with whom the Prayer Room has established a relationship.