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Inevitable Transformation Part II

Inevitable Transformation Part II

“Inevitable Transformation”

Inevitable Transformation, is an expression that came to my heart as a result of a question that I did To the Lord Jesus Christ during a devotional time this past month of December 2014. The result of the meditation of this expression, I’m going to break with you in four segments.

First segment: “InevitableTranformación in the Middle East”

First of all, biblically we know the history of the human race gave home in the Middle East, specifically in Mesopotamia, and there it was where the Adamic Sin developed, bringing lethal consequences for the humanity.

Subsequently it was here also in where the King Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon established the first world empire, which affected the development of nations, including, the nation of Israel, that was 70 years in captivity, under the Babylonian empire.

After many years, in the same place but now under the name of Baghdad Iraq [city founded in the year 762 a.d. by Abu Ja’far Abdallah] turns to become a center of worldwide attention after the overthrow of the dictator Saddam Huseein who was executed by Iraqi authorities on December 30 2006.

In May 2010, once again in that same territory, it circulated a news that a new leader called “Abu Bark al-Baghdadi”, was being declared as the Caliph by his followers, bringing with it the establishment of a new caliphate. [Caliphate: an Islamic State led by a Caliph, who is a political and religious leader who, in turn, is a successor to the Islamic prophet Muhammad is.] His power and autoridada are absolute].

Last year this new caliphate established what knows today as “ISIS“ initials translated in the English language like: “The Islamic State of Iraq and to the-Sham” or in the Spanish “Islamic State”.

This terrorist group as we know it now, has been sowing terror in several countries such as: France, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and Yemen. bringing as a consequence among other things the dispossession of property that for years they belonged them to people who had worked for this. A propaganda of terror is also being used to behead journalists, Christian people, and whoever is not one them. With this, causing an exodus of thousands of Iraqis to safe areas.

5 indicators that show the following for the 2015 in the Middle East:

First Indicator: Libya will not improve, since the situation in the country is out of control more and more, and no indicator allowing to ensure the return of stability in the short term, due to the lack of control of the management of oil in that area, after the death of its leader “Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi” who died in October 20 2011

Second Indicator: “Oil will remain cheap, Saudi Arabia the main promoter of the policy of low prices, estimated a deficit of close to $40 billion.” It is something that the country, with a saving of over 40% in recent years, can afford, but produces an uncertainty which has affected the exchanges, or investors, and ultimately could affect the political environment itself or its neighbors. Saudi Arabia itself has already announced that it will delay a macro project of solar energy, which was intended to satisfy much of the growing energy demand of the country for release so the amount of pretoleo available for export.

Third Indicator: Iran and Occident will keep on approaching: The signature of the Nuclear Agreement between Iran and 5 + 1, which are: [Russia, China, France, the USA, the United Kingdom and Germany] has been shortened. Both Iran and Occident begin understanding that they are needed mutually:

On the one hand, Iran, to avoid the economic sanctions and to stop being the nation hated and pushed back by other nations of the international scene, becoming instead a reliable partner even if it remains independent.

On the other hand, Occident cannot let through the hand stretched on the part of one of its biggest headaches in the last 40 years, and less still the United States, which thinks about how to move back gradually from the Gulf to reposition in Asia-Pacific Ocean, where China threatens to turn into hegemonic potency [that is to say in a superiority] in the area that will be the economic engine in the next decades. Before being able to do this, the United States must solve several questions that are to a great extent unsolvable without the Persian intervention.
The peace in Syria, where under the regime of the dictator Basar Al-Ashar , have died approximately more than 200,000 persons according to numbers provided by the UNO and it cannot be achieved if it does not turn out to be favorable to Iran, and it is not possible to defeat really the ISIS without counting with an Iraqi Government and a few militias chiíes that are provided with narrow bonds with its oriental neighbors.

Fourth indicator: Once the Iraqi government is established with the help of Iran, The group jihadist ISIS that operates with $2,000 millions per year, will lose ground, but Iran will be strengthened to achieve the development of nuclear weapons with the help of Russia and China. It is worth mentioning that this was prophesied by the prophet Zechariah chapter 5:11 that describes the location with the name of “Shinar” which is where he is currently one of Iran’s nuclear facilities called “Darkhovin” located on the border between Iran and Iraq.

Fifth Indicator: Once Iran is strengthened, it will threaten first to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, to the West, the US and finally to Israel through other terrorist groups funded by Iran, such as Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Other groups such as Al Qaeda in Afghanistan that operates with $100 million per year, the Taliban, which operates with $400 million per year, Boko Haram in Nigeria that operates with $70 million, will aggravate the development of the international economy.

Let’s move on to the second segment: “inevitable transformation in the international economy”

Speaking of international economy, just take a look at what is happening in Asia.
China, for example: Is the Asian giant that it is increasingly strong in the midst of the global economic crisis, currently, China’s economy is entering a new stage of development, known as the “enigma of the Chinese development”, which has been greatly called the attention of economists and intellectuals from various countries of the world.

After the United Kingdom announced [last – March 12 2015] that he will join the new infrastructure of Asian investment banking. (AIIB), where China appears as a founding member. Germany, France and Italy decided [last] March 28, 2015 to follow the exampler of Great Britain and take part. With this agreement they are welcoming the beginning of the end of the domination of the American dollar. In the last decades USA has been worldwide the indisputable economic and political superpower. The whole world happily uses the American dollar, and the bank system of the USA. More important still, the world happily has put its confidence in the government of the USA. In this moment, the government of the USA is in the drowning of the debt, at an insolvency level. At the end of 2015 the total government debt in the United States, including federal, state, and local, is expected to be $21.694 trillion.

Other countries, including the allied nations to see that times are changing, are developing new actors in the economic order, and the USA are not the only option. The nations, are increasingly turning to China, which, by some measurements, is already the largest economy in the world. And the US government cannot do anything about it. This is happening now with greater speed. This is the main news in all parties: the USA are being rejected by their allies by the new kid on the block called China. This has and will have important consequences for the United States.

The history shows that when the reservation coins change, the nations almost always experience important disturbances.

Let’s move on to the third segment: “inevitable transformation in the structure of the Church”

Last March 24, 2015, the Group Barna published a topic that titled: “2015 the State of Atheism in America”.
Who is the Barna Group? The Barna Group, is a visionary company of investigation located in Venture, California. Who began in 1984. The company leader is considered to be an organization in investigation centred on the intersection of the faith and the culture, with the vision of providing to the persons believable information and of clarity in the thought, what it allows them to navigate upon a complex and changeable culture. They published the following thing in reference to the State of Atheism that is unfolding in America.

One of every four adults who do not go to a Christian service is: Skeptic, Atheist or Agnostic.

5 Demographic changes among the skeptics:

1. They are younger. [The younger today skeptics in average sound that in the past]

2. They are more educated. [Half of them are graduates of universities]

3. The majority of them are women. [Perhaps the most important transition of everything is the entry of million women in the lines of the skeptic. In 1993 only 16 % of atheists and agnostics was women. By 2013 that figure already has nearly tripled to 43 %.

4. They are more radical. White Americans, who constitute two-thirds of the country’s total population, are well above the average in its embrace of atheism and agnosticism; they comprise three-quarters of the skeptical segment.

5. They are dispersing quickly: [Of many ways, the skeptics are alike the rest of America, more than earlier. And its numbers are growing more quickly than nobody was expected 20 years ago.] Note: without a doubt this is a Principality.

¿What is it that most influence the self-identity among Americans?

1. The Family.
2. To be an American.
3. Its religious faith.
4. Its ethnic group.
5. Its Career.
6. Its State.
7. Its city or its local community.

“God, family, country” might be the country music belief, but most of the Americans changed the order. The adults are more inclined to see its family like an important part of its personal identity, “American” is the second one and the “religious faith” is in the third one. With a tie in the fourth distant place, popular career and its ethnic group. Giving like result that significantly less adult affirm that its state or its city have very much impact on its personal identity.

Understanding the indicators mentioned at national level, the Church will have to offer a structure capable of provoking that God is first

When God is first:

• The society is aligned with the divine principles and not with humanism. [The humanism is the belief that the needs and human values are more important than religious beliefs, or the needs and desires of human beings.]
• Unfortunately, in recent years, theology has little by little been displaced by “philosophy of humanism”, leaving the society 3 universal questions unanswered. that I found in the book of Job 14:4 “Who can bring a clean thing out of an unclean? No one!.” Job 14:10 “But man dies, and is laid away; Indeed he breathes his last And where is he?” Job 14:14 “If a man dies, shall he live again?.
• It is evident that the Church knows the answers to such questions, but that the rest of society?

Let’s go on to the Fourth Segment: “Inevitable transformation in the power of the altar”

In this last segment, I want to make special emphasis on the power of the altar.

1. An altar is a point of connection between man and God.
2. An altar is a point of connection between the visible and the invisible.

How do the altars work?

1. Functioning as inputs / access.
2. Open doors and gates that allow the traffic between the spiritual and the physical realm.
3. Whoever controls the doors of the altars, controls the traffic between the two dimensions.

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