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Election Prayer November 6, 2012

History shows how others in their time took the opportunity to get up in front of the Almighty God in request and petition. They begged for wise leadership and the appropriate attitude to face the challenges of the day.

Intercession has unequivocally played an important role in local, national and international events. In this critical time of transition in the United States of America we can contribute in prayer, as did others. The Bible the Word of God give to us outstanding scriptures for every situation such as Psalm 67, which opens a window to a time of recognition and intercession.

God be merciful to us and bless us, and cause His face to shine upon us. This is a fitting refrain to the benediction of the high priest in the name of the Lord, as recorded in Num. 6:24-25. According to Rev. 1:6 Jesus himself established us as a generation of kings and priests to His God and Father, giving us legal rights to intercede for our nation.

That Your way may be known upon earth, Your salvation among all nations. Here in this nation His name has been known due to the actions of the Founding Fathers. History teaches us that when the Congress first met on September 7, 1774 Mr. Cushing made a motion that it should be opened with prayer. This prayer is well known as the “First Prayer in Congress”. This particular prayer made a tremendous spiritual influence in United States of America. After this, during the months of May through September 1787, fifty-five Founding Fathers met in Philadelphia for the purpose of drawing up a Constitution to govern the nation. That document was signed by thirty-nine of those delegates and sent to the States for ratification. By 1789, the Constitution had been approved and the new federal government formed, with George Washington elected as the first President. Under that Constitution, America has become the longest ongoing constitutional republic in the history of the world, contributing with evangelism around the world so that the name of the Lord is known in all the Earth.

Let the peoples praise You, O God. The act of expressing admiration to the Almighty God. The people here in North America should continue doing this.

Father in these November the 6th the people of this nation are going to elect President: We pray as part of the body of Jesus, crying out, “Have mercy on us! Please forgive us our sins, give us your blessing and keep us; make your face shine upon us and be gracious with this nation again. Amen!”