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Accessing the presence of God through prayer

It was Thursday morning at 5 a.m. July 12 2012, when I came to pray to the Colleyville Prayer Room, One of those days where the calling to seek the presence of the Lord resounds in our hearts. Soon after turning on the lights, I entered one of the rooms to find quality time with the Lord. My spirit was hungry to meet Him. I fell immediately into prayer and set my glasses on a world prayer map on the floor. I prayed for eight specific nations to turn to God. [Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg].

I consumed nearly two hours praying on that topic asking God, “please give to this nations intercessors that can intercede for them”. Exhaustion took hold of my elbows and knees from bearing my weight. My map was on the floor, as were my reading glasses.

I stood up to give my limbs a break. I walked out side the room to stretch. When I came back at 7:15 am the Holy Spirit commanded me to pray for a friend and his family. At that moment, I heard my glasses break. I thought, “Oh my God, I just crushed my glasess.”

My eyes popped open. As my eyelids lifted, another world revealed itself – the spiritual realm. I saw 4 bouquets of red roses. They were beautiful.

The sight of them elicited pure joy in my heart. I asked God, “May I touch them?” He granted permission. My fingers caressed the petals.

Then, I asked, “Father, may I smell them?” He granted permission to do it, so I perceived a beautiful aroma. I buried my nose in the four bouquets of red roses.

Note: This day I was waiting for my daughter Jessica to arrive, who volunteers at the prayer room. During this vision I saw her quietly entered the room where I was praying. I told her, “Be careful of my glasses.” I instinctively turned to where my glasses lay. Instead, I saw clear, flowing water covering the carpet.

Then, my vision stopped. I saw my watch. It was 7:50 am Whereas I saw my daughter in the vision, she actually arrived to the prayer room twenty minutes later. The first thing that I did was to share my vision with her.

A day after, Friday morning, I shared this same vision with the business owners at our weekly meeting. I felt brave in my heart to share such a powerful experience with the business owners. Rocky Dennis, when he heard this vision, he shook himself, making an exclamation! “Oh my God!”

Some of us asked him; “What happened?”

“Well, he said: Robert Morris, the pastor at Gateway Church, preached about the gateway to access the holiness to meet God. Alvaro, I know that you have no idea what he preached about this week.

“The brokenness, the glasses that you mentioned. Brokenness is needed to access His holiness. The red that you saw is the blood of Jesus Christ. Wthout it, holiness is inaccessible. The aroma you smelled is the incense necessary to have in a holy place. The water that you saw is the word of God and The Holy Spirit presence. Those four symbols that you saw, Alvaro, in your vision, match perfectly with the gateway to access His holiness.”

When I heard Rocky Dennis share this, I almost fell into tears. I said, “Father, we know it is not our imagination. It is your will to show us that you wish to speak with us.”

In my heart, I have confidence that God will allow us to meet Him. He wants to share His heart with us. Over the years have learned that It takes hunger and thirst to meet Him. I learned that when you meet Him, you cannot manage the time or place. It falls according to His will. Also I learned that you never lose conciousness. You always know where you are, although you delight in His presence and want to see more.

With humbleness in my heart, I encourage everyone to seek Him. Find access to His holiness through your prayers. Finally If we are able to access his Holiness, we will be able to live our lives in accordance with His will.