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Corruption: a growing evil around the world


The problem of corruption is a problem that is gaining an almost out-of-control dimension in many nations.   The question is, is there is a solution?  We recognize that this problem affects all social, cultural, economic, educational, religious, business, and government spheres regardless of race, age and gender.

During a recent trip to Monterrey, México, a city that has recently been besieged by corruption, I was thinking about this while in my hotel room.   I asked the Lord Jesus: is there any way to fix this problem?  I understand that there are many prophecies in Scripture that tell us that there will be tough times, during which corruption will be prominent, however, the Bible also tells me that, through intercession, men of God were able to stop a judgment and open doors of hope to the salvation of thousands.  For that reason, my heart wanted to ask the Lord: can You resolve the problem of corruption?

This question came to me at around 2:00 pm, when I had decided to take a short break while my wife went to do some shopping.  During my sleep, the following words came to mind: “Genesis Chapter 8: New Beginnings,” and I thought, “am I dreaming?”  I heard the same words a second time: “Genesis Chapter 8: New Beginnings.”  I woke and realized that those words had come while resting, and I immediately opened the scriptures to Genesis 8, and I asked God to let me see what He wanted me to see.

While reading, several words of this chapter deeply impacted my spirit. The Bible says: “Then God remembered Noah, and every living thing, and all the animals that were with him in the ark.  And God made a wind to pass over the earth, and the waters subsided.”

For me, the following two phrases captured my attention: “Then God remembered Noah… And God made a wind to pass over the earth.”  These words brought a deep desire in my heart to ask God in prayer to remember us and let His mighty wind pass and clean the atmosphere that is being filled with corruption.  I began to look further into this and, through prayer, read Numbers 14:11-12.

“Then The Lord said to Moses: “How long will these people reject Me?  And how long will they not believe Me, with all the signs which I have performed among them?”  I will strike them with the pestilence and disinherit them, and I will make of you a nation greater and mightier than they.”

Though it may sound very simple, this is what I understood from reading these scriptures: God hurts when people reject Him.

We know that, when people become involved in corruption, the spirit of corruption causes them to reject God without fear or shame.

Currently, millions of people in all nations are feeling the effects of corruption within society.

The question is: What do we do?  Are we going to stand idly and watch as this river of corruption carries millions of people with it?

We need to take authority in the name of Jesus over the spirit of corruption that is influencing society.  How can we take authority?  Matthew 28:18 says, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.”  We, as Jesus’ disciples, can call on Him and take authority.  We must ask God to let His mighty wind pass and clean the atmosphere!

Here at the Colleyville Prayer Room we want to come in unity for this plea.  We have organized a series of fasting and prayer and you are invited to join us this coming Saturday October 8 to a day of fasting and prayer from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Our main objectives are the following:

– Bring a spirit of repentance before God because we have all rejected Him at one point or another.

– Take authority in the name of Jesus over this spirit of corruption, imploring to God to remember us and to remember those who are innocently suffering the consequences of corruption that exists worldwide.

– Ask God, the Creator of the heavens and earth, to send his Holy and mighty wind to clean the air of this nation and the rest of the world.

We believe that together, we can bring forth important changes to our society. 

If after reading this article, God has placed in your heart the desire to participate in this day of fasting and prayer, please join us and use the prayer request tab on this website to let us know that you will be joining us and where you will be coming from.

Our address can be found on the location tab.